Luxury charging for Electric Audi Drivers

How would you fancy relaxing on a terrace while your EV Charges? Or maybe conveniently schedule a meeting with your team while you top up?

Audi are making those dreams come true with their “Luxury” Charging Hubs.

“The firm opened the first semi-permanent site, which features six 320kW fast chargers and a lounge, in Nuremberg, Germany last December. The hub draws power from the local grid and roof-mounted solar panels, with the energy then stored in ‘power cubes’ that contain second-life batteries taken from electric Audi test cars and offer around 2.45mWh of storage.” (Source: AutoCar)

Whats more, after a positive response at the Nuremberg hub, Audi are now looking to roll out the concept to 13 more sites across Europe.

Here’s hoping Scotland makes the list!