EV’s can travel double the distance than ICE vehicles when comparing “cost to fuel”

No, more than ever, the potential savings on running costs of using an electric vehicle are increasingly apparent.

It has now come to light that, when comparing the costs to figuratively “fill the tank” of a typical family ICE car vs. an EV, that an EV can now comfortably cover at least 50% more miles.

“At an average cost of 190p per litre, a family could spend £104.50 to fill up the car and provide just 484 miles of range at 40 miles per gallon. However, for an equivalent EV and average battery size it would cost just £28 to fully charge the car. Scaling this up to £104.50 means that an EV car would be able to travel 1,079 miles for the same cost.” (Source: Current)